What to Expect

About My Classes
My classes are deliberately smaller in size so that I can provide all of my students with the necessary support, whether you want to progress faster, catch up with the general level, or simply maintain a steady pace.

With this approach, my students receive the best combination: focus similar to 1:1 session, while benefiting from the motivation and peer support of a group setting.

I studied Pilates with sports physiotherapists, where I focused not only on Pilates, but also in postural analysis.  This means that while my classes are structured around general wellbeing for life activities, I can provide more specialist support where required.

So whether you are following health advice, a general enthusiast, or just trying it for the first time, you’ll find something in my class for you.

Class Environment

  • Floor exercise – mats provided
  • Equipment – balls, bands, rings, foam rollers, cushions to assist with exercises
  • Relaxed atmosphere with calm background music
  • Structured programme – class content is reviewed weekly and adapted to support the development pace of individuals and the wider group.
  • Individual assessment – correcting technique where necessary and praise for achievements

Specialist Support

  • Postural Analysis