I’ve been coming to Samantha’s Pilates lessons for just one term and already I can see a huge difference! I do a lot of running and I’ve knocked 4 minutes off my 10K time – something I couldn’t have achieved without the classes and the increased core strength they’ve given me. Samantha’s sessions are great fun, she tailors them to your ability and you see real progress. Thank you Samantha – here’s to next term!
AC-S, Ashton Keynes

I have been taking Pilates with Samantha for 10 weeks now and I can feel a big difference already. My posture is noticeably improved and best of all I can now touch my toes for the first time in over 30 years (if not ever!). Classes are fun and Samantha is great at tailoring exercises to individual’s needs. Looking forward to the next class!
LC, Lydiard Millicent

As a beginner to pilates I was unaware of what exactly was expected from me.Pleased to say that Sam is a very good instructor, explains the exercises well, demonstrates and is supportive yet re-directs you when necessary. I like the fact that the classes are small in number and so less intimidating especially with getting to know all of the pilates terminology. I would highly recommend attending Starr Pilates and even though I have only been pilating for a short period of time I am already feeling the benefit.
RD, Milbourne

Sam creates a very tolerant and inclusive atmosphere which means we ‘stretch without stress’ and ‘tone without tension’. By the end of a fun session we have covered many different areas of the body and feel better all round. It is not a quick fix to sustainable flexibility and tone but you can feel progress each week and the journey is definitely worth it. I am looking forward to next term already.
ST, Bradenstoke

I would like to say that coming to your Pilates for beginners class has been enjoyable and I felt very much at ease. I found that you explained each move well. I would definitely recommend your classes to beginners as they gradually built up to more complex moves as the course went on. I felt in safe hands and you demonstrated the positions well.
LH, Lydiard Millicent

Sam has being teaching me over the last few months, improving my core strength. With the Pilates it’s the little things that matter as its crucial to have posture and technique correct to fully benefit from the exercises. Sam watches closely, giving advice, encouragement and occasionally hands on help to help me get my body properly aligned. It’s been a great journey and my backache is a thing of the past. I feel stronger and far less tired and enjoy my pilates sessions with Starr Pilates.
NS, Brinkworth

Sam is an inspiring Pilates teacher who makes her classes fun but will also help push your own individual ability thus making her class great for all levels of competence.  Sam’s fresh approach and friendly manner will ease you into Pilates without feeling self conscious in a class, the individual attention received will help you achieve your personal fitness goal.
KP, Charlton

Sam’s integrity in having a small class size meant that she was able to adjust every movement I made to perfection. She is extremely knowledgeable and cares that her students are exercising correctly.
CC, Brinkworth