What should I wear?
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and can move easily in.  You will be barefoot or wearing socks.

What should I bring?
A bottle of water and perhaps a small towel.

How strenuous is it?
Pilates is a slow moving form of exercise but you will get warm.  Pilates is designed to be challenging in order to deliver improvement.  I structure classes to ensure that you work within your own capability while reaping the benefits.

I have an injury, can I attend?
Yes.  It is best to speak to me beforehand so that we can discuss any limitations you may have and I can prepare alternative exercises or bring extra kit to help support you during the class.

Do I need to book for a whole term?
Yes.  Booking on a term by term basis helps you to adhere to your new exercise regime even when it’s cold and wet outside.  When you see the results in your own body and frame of mind, you will keep coming back for more!  You book your place on the course for the term and you can renew your place towards the end of the term for the following term.  If you do not renew your place I will open up your place to someone else. I do not offer pay as you go or trial sessions.

What if I can’t make a session? 
I understand that sometimes life gets in the way of your regular Pilates class. If you cannot make a class please let me know, and where possible I will try to offer a make up class during the same course. I do not however provide credits to subsequent courses. A course cannot be split between classes. If you miss a course I cannot guarantee your space upon your return.